A (small) dose of programming awesome

What really got you into “computers”? For me, it was seeing a friend’s 386 running this (at the time) astonishing piece of code. At home, I was still soldiering on with a monochrome 286 computer, running at (yes) 0.0125ghz. It even had a button on the front to slow it down to 0.004ghz in case it was going too fast. I had a few games, and of course I played some games on friends’ consoles – but there was something about this demo that turned my head. I had to get involved.

Since then, I’ve been amazed by too many programming feats to enumerate or even remember – but here’s a few awesome things that you may have missed out on.

“When I grow up”, I can only hope to be as smart as the people responsible for the feats above. In the meantime, it’s back to the day job.



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