I am an idiot. I am a genius.

I was pleased to get an invitation to Stack Overflow Careers today. Pretty much everything they touch turns to gold at the moment, and I really wanted a play to see what they could offer. In particular, where did it stand on the spectrum – leaning more towards LinkedIn, or more towards a standard social network profile?

They’re really keen for you to fill out some free text entries (I haven’t written a “personal statement” since I applied to university!) and it raised the usual crisis of confidence – am I actually any good?

On the one hand, I look at some of the Big Names in the .NET world, and wallow in my inadequacy. This is reinforced on a daily basis when I pick up my RSS reader and see what Ayende or one of the many Scotts has to say. How do they absorb and understand so much information, dedicate themselves to the community, and still manage to productively deliver in a full time job?

On the other hand, I can take a simple glance at Stackoverflow and realize that I can place myself above quite a lot of others – for example, there’s too many reasons why¬†this question has received no answers!

I think I’ll browse the unanswered section if I ever need an ego boost!

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